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At Kuronga we are developing mobile technology solutions for farmers in Africa.

We have built a farming logistics App!

Thanks to all of you have completed our survey we learned a lot about the challenges farmers face throughout Africa.

In response to survey results we have built a smartphone app specifically designed to help farmers get their goods to market. We are now looking for early stage users to test out our App to give us some feedback to we can tailor it to suit users needs in Africa.

Are you a farmer or trader that needs to get goods to market? Do you have a driver you work with? Sign up as a Customer-Driver team and try out our Logistics App.

no partner that’s ok just sign up as an individual


Fill out a survey and get access to one of our farming manuals

There is still time to fill out one of our surveys. Farmers, we want to hear about your experience in the agriculture industry throughout Africa! So, fill in a survey to tell us what challenges you face in agriculture.

Growers fill out our Farmer Survey and get access to our farming manuals.

To get more manuals why not fill out out Farmer Transport survey.

To get more manuals why not fill out out Farmer Smartphone survey.

Traders fill out our Market Survey.

Drivers fill out our Logistics Survey.